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Our Current Projects

YIYAA aims at building the capacity of key young individuals and youth-led CSOs in order to strengthen their ability as active democratic agents in their local community. We aim at supporting an atmosphere where young people are empowered to have a say in shaping their districts, so they can build a future where less people are forced to leave and can instead stay and improve their conditions in their local areas.

This project is dedicated to catalysing transformative change by unleashing the power of grassroots youth in Uganda’s local governance. Building on our 2021-2023 SLOGBAA pilot project, this is an expanded and comprehensive endeavor developed alongside our dedicated partners and project experts: Network for Active Citizens in Uganda. SLOGBAA II will develop, strengthen, and expand a grassroots-based structure for mobilisation, capacitating, mentoring and long-term motivation of youth leaders and youth policy makers at the lower local government level (parish & sub county) in Uganda – concretising and systematising a model for sustainable, all-inclusive, context-aware grassroots youth policy engagement that strengthens local civil society and civic organising. 

Cultural Connections - Crafting tools for youth professionals

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of professionals in the social and educational field with intercultural communication skills to create positive change, safe spaces, agency, and inclusion for ethnic minority youth. We want to educate and support social and educational workers who interact with ethnic minorities in their everyday occupations.

Civil Connections and Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation unite to ensure that youth workers engage with cultural sensitivity in their interaction with minority youth. Together, we develop trainings based on interviews with young ethnic minority youth and the professionals who engage with these youth every day. Click on the image to see what trainings are upcoming.

The project objective is to provide education to 18-29 aged youth for a better and more moderated use of new technologies oriented towards the protection of our natural and physical environment, as well as encouraging them to take digital and or physical initiative to defend our values. We intend to raise youth awareness about their digital practice, develop a training programme, encourage the sense of initiative, and equip the youth supporters. Starting in January 2023 the project runs across Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

The Crossing is a performative project that uniquely combines Virtual Reality (VR), film and performing arts to make visible the conditions around immigration – the goal is to increase knowledge and understanding for the situation and premises of migrants/refugees. It seeks to make the audience understand what pushes an individual to leave their home and family, to spend their savings and risk their lives at sea. Risking facing the unforeseen and suffering isolation, exploitation, and humiliation, embarking on a journey that has no sure duration, all for a dream that often turns into tragedy. The Crossing aims to change the sometimes-negative narrative about migration and create a more empathetic understanding about the great migration of people happening around the world. In order to help our audiences to better identify with the harsh realities that people around the world sometimes face, we have chosen to use VR presented as a performative experience that each visitor enters.


Cultural Connections for Migrant Inclusion

This project aims to support social and youth workers who interact with ethnic minorities in their everyday occupations. Specifically, we aim to strengthen the capacity of these professionals to create positive change and more engaged communities through increasing their intercultural communication skills. By working closely with them, the project partners will develop tailored and practical tools for their practice, providing them with new training opportunities and pedagogical tools. The project runs between Denmark and Norway.

Coming2Europe - Migrant Stories Podcast

The project aims at contributing to enriching migrant inclusion efforts into European local communities through sharing reflective stories and dialogues on migrant experiences and perceptions. This is to contribute to an EU that is tolerant to diversity and that has increased supportive tools in inter-cultural citizenship for easier and quicker migrant inclusion. This will be through developing a podcast of 60 episodes of migrant stories contributing to enriching/nuancing the migration dialogue. The project runs across Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The project seeks to promote European values and intercultural dialogue to build common histories in the face of immigration into the European Union and new forms of interaction over the past and many years to come. The project’s fundamental value is its aim to do this through enhancing digital skills, new technologies learning and utilization, critical thinking, and media literacy, but also help to build a virtual cultural heritage museum in order to provide an available repository of cultural knowledge.The project aims to create a range of materials, from an augmented reality game, a Virtual Cultural Heritage Museum and a real-time live action role play. 

The full title of the project is – “Decrypting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for everyday European youths – facilitating knowledge, network, tools, actions, and familiarization (SDG Decrypt)”.

With this project we want to develop a model for mobilizing marginalized youths and communities to work towards achieving of the SDGs and sustainability in general, which they often feel is a high-end framework for the “untroubled” communities and feels cryptic/complicated. This will increase the chances of reaching agenda 2030 by creating possible conditions for involving all, and “leaving no one behind”- no matter the resource base or background. It will also give empowerment to the target communities to be part/central in their own development.

Girls Choose - Zimbabwe

This project aspires to create a conducive environment for young people in their diversity – with specific emphasis on girls and young women, to access Sexual Reproductive Health Rights/Services (SRHRs) and HIV related information – freely and safely.

With MAZ, we want to provide local grassroots communities access to these, starting with Masvingo province. We aim to improve the futures of young people in this challenging context by refusing to accept that their destinies should be jeopardized by a lack of something as basic as access to reproductive and sexual rights and services.

Mayuge RISE Youth Soccer league, previously known as RISE soccer league, is a recently relaunched 5-month football weekend event comprising eight youth soccer teams, each with at least 30 players/members. The league is home to 240 players and at least 500 spectators every weekend, engaging 2800 youths and members of their communities every month. The league has set out five immediate objectives: to provide a set of accessible leisure sports activities for youths during their free time; to draw young people away from destructive behavior towards a more engaging peer-run alternative; to promote the talents of young people within the field of sports; and to provide space for coming together, building common linkages, and networking. The league acts as a mobilization space for talking about community development and issues youths face.