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Our working frameworks

In the short video above, our Daily Leader – Andrew walks through some of the core programming components in our work.

And below, we welcome you to dive deeper into how we work – a journey that is guided by a combination of strategic frameworks, principles and statutes.

Get in touch for collaboration or clarification.

We capacitate youth through grassroots initiatives, building robust communities across the world. 

We are happy to report that our strategy is being put into action every day, even in the face of the global pandemic.

Get introduced to the CIPM, which guides our work at the grassroots level.

Achieving an impact in local communities often involves the need to use alternative local resources such as community participation and social networks. 

Our work is also informed by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda. 

We facilitate the integration of these goals into the daily work of our partners, local communities and institutions. Overall, we want to localize the SDGs!