How we work

How we work

Our work is based on four grounding frameworks:

  1. Our strategy – the current one runs until 2023
  2. Our Community Impact Projects Model (CIPM) guiding the way we create impact in low resourced communities
  3. Our guiding principles – how we work with partners and local communities without compromising their legitimacy
  4. The UN Sustainable Development Goals – and how we put these in practice in work.

These are here below.

How we work - Wheels - how we work

Our strategy 2020 - 23

We are excited to announce the actionization of our strategy as we emerge or still face off with one of the most disrupting pandemics of our history. What we are known for is the focus on the grassroots, along with many other commitments.

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Community Impact Model

Get introduced to the CIPM, which guides our work at the grassroots, that commonly embodies high need for triggering alternative local resources like community participation, social networks, and the need for quick impact.

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Our guiding principles

Our work is guidend by and grounded in several principles that have over time proven to be key drivers and influencers of how: communities build and sustain agency and how this contributes to development.

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Working with the SDGs

Our work is also informed by the SDGs agenda. As a start point, this is about facilitating our partners, local communities, and institutions these into their daily work, in hope of contributing to localization and eventual localization.

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