We build robust communities through grassroots initiatives

Who we are: a grassroots NGO based in Copenhagen 

Our job: to enable excluded communities to be a part of development debate and design, increasing the efficiency of development initiatives at the grassroots level

Our method: we provide communities with connections, capacity, motivation, and mentorship, using our network to bridge community needs and opportunities

Our Theory of Change

Our work with partners and grassroots development actors is based on four strategic objectives:

  • Resource mobilization – financing and fundraising
  • Facilitation – sustained capacity growth
  • Long-term motivation – increasing the long-term motivation of our partners and mentoring them 
  • Amplification – telling our followers and the wider world about their work
  • we believe that to increase the efficacy of development aid, we must focus on areas where challenges are most profound at the grassroots level
  • with rural, local communities being home to over 70% of the global population and at the same time listed as some of the most underdeveloped and unequal, our focus is to support development actors in rural locations to increase their capacity in reaching their development objectives 
  • we focus on facilitating local development actors as opposed to doing it ourselves.  We believe that they are best placed to identify their community needs
  • we increase the chance of self-sustaining improvement in local communities by supporting our partners to identify and work towards home-grown solutions to development challenges 

Our major funders 2020 – 2021