Our mission
To support local grassroots development actors (with attention to rural communities) to succeed, as a centerpiece in achieving a fair and sustainable world.
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Our work & the SDGs
We believe in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an important framework for our work with communities - so no one is left behind, and no harm is done.

Welcome to Civil Connections

We are a grass-roots (NGO) based in Copenhagen.

Our job is to increase the efficiency of development initiatives at local grassroots by enabling often excluded communities, to be part of development debate/design.

Our method is in outfitting communities with connections, capacity, motivation, and mentorship.

We reach these through bridging community needs and opportunities in our networks.

Our major funders 2020 – 2021

Our Theory of Change

  • If development aid is to be more effective, as many strategies rightly aspire, it is of central importance to deliberately focus enough attention to the places where majority of the world’s population lives and where profound challenges press most.
  • With rural local communities housing over 70% of the global population, yet at the same time listed as some of the most underdeveloped, gender-unequal, illiterate, detached from ‘modernity’, inaccessible, etc., our focus is to support development actors in rural places to increase their capacity in reaching their development objectives.
  • We focus on facilitating local development actors as opposed to doing it ourselves because we believe that they are best fitted to identify their community challenges, and in good supportive and mutually respecting partnerships, we hope to design effective home-grown solutions to such challenges.
  • We also believe that for these home-grown solutions to be effective, we need to support our partners to identify and work towards triggering a critical mass of people impacted in their local communities, because this gives a high chance for the start of a chain of self-sustaining waves of improvements towards leaving no one behind.

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