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Introducing our Board for 2022 – 2023

Dear Civil Community (our members and followers),

Join us to congratulate our new members to the Executive Board, as well as bid them welcome to the new term of work 2022 – 2023.

By the constitution, Civil Connections’ highest policy organ is the Executive Board. This is a 5 members body that is elected by the general assembly every year, after which the board constitutes into functional roles to support the organization’s smooth running until the next general assembly and board election.

Following our annual assembly for 2021 held on the 21st of April 2022, where two board positions were up for election, there came some changes to the board we saw in the 2020 – 2021 period, both letting go of some old faces and bringing new faces to the forefront.

Andrew Julius Bende who was the Board Chairperson and at the same time served as the Daily Leader of the secretariat chose to step out of the board, to give more space for independent and objective work, which he suggests the coming period in the organization’s growth requires. But the board will anyway not miss him that much, as by organizational structuring the Daily Leader and another member of the secretariate – most preferred the staff representative is required to attend board meetings for orientation on the organization’s work, as well as supporting the board’s policy process. Here Andrew also mentions – given that he has such a strong forum to input into the board processes on a more subjective level, it is only healthy for the organization that the Daily Leader does not maintain a voting right.

Andrew’s stepping out of the board created space for a place for a new member, giving Martina Popadakova a former board substitute member and a long-time close associate and occasional blogger for the organization the chance to get into the mainstream board. Another member on reelection was Stine Eilers who maintained her position after successful reelection. And, as the constitution also guides, the organization shall also always identify at least one and a maximum of two Board Substitutes that should be ready to take on Board roles should one of the board members be hindered in continuing their work. The election of the two fell on Emil Persson as the first substitute and Emmanuel Kitamirike as the second.

Three members of the 2020 – 2021 board were not on election namely, Rita Tisdall the former Vice Chairperson, Rebecca Maria Campbell the former Treasurer, and Keith Gondwe an ordinary board member.

With the election settled and the ongoing members confirming their enthusiasm to continue serving the organization the members below are currently the board members and constituted as follows:

Board members 2022 – 2023

Rita Tisdall – Chairperson of the Board – elected until 2023

Rita continues into her third term as a member of the Board of Civil Connections. Over the past two terms, Rita has served as the Vice Chairperson. She has long experience as a DANIDA consultant both in Denmark and as a stationed representative in Asia and Africa. The Daily Leaders of another NGO Alternative To Separation (ATOS) working on the protection of family and children’s rights to stay together, among many other Danish CSOs support.

Stine Eilers – Vice Chairperson of the Board – elected until 2024

Stine holds a master’s in Social Entrepreneurship and Management and a bachelor’s in International Social Work. Within this field, Stine’s engagement in Denmark has spanned over starting and being part of boards of NGOs, working with the government as a Social Worker, as well as long work and experience with children’s rights – especially around autism and disability. Stine has been part of the founding of CCCF for which she has a strong passion.

Rebecca Maria Campbell – Treasurer – elected until 2023

Rebecca Maria Campbell comes with experience in mobilizing volunteers and the local community around among others within the migration, inclusion, and integration space. She also has wide experience within the Danish social work sector, as well as long experience working within the NGO space. Educated in Development and International Relations, and Global Refugee studies, Rebecca has over the past two terms served as the Treasurer, a role she continues with.

Keith Gondwe – Ordinary Board Member – elected until 2023

Keith Gondwe is trained in Communication and Game media development from the IT University in Copenhagen Denmark. His background in communication and media design, combined with his knowledge of Southern Africa and underlying development themes makes Keith a special candidate for our Board. Keith is also working on themes of effective migrant inclusion in Denmark and has been a board member for the past two terms.

Martina Popadakova – Ordinary Board member – elected until 2024

Martina and Civil Connections have been collaborating over the past many years, with her founded movement and blog – Empowerment Journeys being one of the first partner entities in CCCF’s journey with girls’ rights aspects. On top of occasionally blogging for CCCF, Martina has acted as a substitute board member over the past 2 years, and now brings this experience and her passion for development to full board membership.

Board Substitutes 2022 – 2023

  1. Emil Persson – from Inspinest Ghana
  2. Emmanuel Kitamirike – from Public Policy Institute Uganda

The board constitution meeting took place on the 14th of June 2022, setting in process official board work.

We wish the new board success in their upcoming work year.


By Andrew Julius Bende

Daily Leader – on behalf of the members, Secretariat and Board.