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The SDGs

Working with the SDGs

We at Civil Connections value the UN SDGs or Agenda 2030 as a fundamental framework for ensuring that the most marginalized also gain enough focus in nthe development agenda. This is because, over 190 partner countries have now developed detailed targets and indicators on how we can follow up on these.

Our job as partners in this agenda now call on us to localize, contextualize, support, and monitor how our local communities interact withe the goals.

In this regard, Civil Connections work over the next five years, starting with our strategic targets will be informed by themes of the Sustainable Development Goals/Agenda 2030. And specifically fall under 6 goals namely, SDG 1, SDG 2, SDG 3, SDG 4, SDG 5 and SDG 17. Below is a snapshot of how we match our strategic objectives to the SDGs.

Read further about how we work based on the SDGs in our strategy – here…

Learn more about how others are working with the SDGs

We have below gathered some interesting sources of inspiration and good practices we can learn from as we complete the design of the customized module project for our members.

If you have an SDGs source that you believe can motivate others please send it to us. And if you are interested in learning more about us, get in touch with us, we are always open to inspiration and partnerships.