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What do you gain from joining a little civil society startup?

Our daily leader and the board have over the period of reflecting on the year 2020 developed the following note on the journey and relevance of Civil Connections. They among others highlight, enjoying:

  • A global network of passionate and determined activists creating enabling environments for all.
  • Working with people with wide and varied experience within the development field
  • Commitment to developing models that are easy to replicate and retailor to different contexts.
  • A lean organization – saving you from supporting unnecessary overhead costs.
  • And others…

Read the full note below for a richer perspective.


Dear reader,

It is our highest privilege to look back over our shoulders yet again, as we develop our third annual report, and to share with you some of the most profound insights on our quite early journey.

This year 2020 has been a mix of many things. Without any surprise undoubtedly one of the most complicated years in the life of a little social startup. And yet, we have navigated the waters with huge success to a year of tremendous growth and resolve for a brighter future.

The complications of Covid19 – a global distracter, from its triggering of closures of public space, limitation of travel, to its impact on all sectors of local community life cannot be overstated. We have seen not only the health systems of even the strongest economies stretched but also high job cutbacks, education fallouts, democratic shrinking, rights – especially gender rights deterioration to mention a few. But the biggest blow has been stomached by marginalized, low-resourced communities whose livelihoods and rights commonly depend on how well the rest of the world is doing. These rights have been ignored as the rest of us struggle to find our footing again.

However, our resolve to “Build Robust Communities” and the related vision, mission, and strategic objectives we with determination carry in defining the relevance of organizations like Civil Connections have only come to higher meaning in this struggle. You see, as the world started shutting down, and work from home rules and guidelines because a norm and seeing commonly office-bound populations becoming a common sight in their local communities, in some countries a sudden urban to rural flight seen, our ears on the ground became even sharper. The local communities suddenly were the frontline of the faceoff with Covid19. And if their relevance has not been forever stamped in our minds, then our call to ensure this is clear.

With these reflections and motivations, we went on to have a year of great success both mentally and practically. Mentally, because our mission was put to test and found holding. Practically, because due to our wanting to support local marginalized communities across the pandemic we ended up with:

  • The most successful year of fundraising in Civil Connections lifetime.
  • We exponentially grew our partnerships based on common interests of ensuring more robust local communities.
  • We gained invaluable inputs into our methodologies, and aspirations, which have enriched the emergence of our new strategy 2020 – 2023.
  • Our organization grew both capacity-wise and resource-wise.
  • Due to our relevance, we have enjoyed a favorable growth in our memberships and followers, and the related moral boost this brings. And of course, many more…

With all these successes we look to 2021 and the years to follow with cloud-high determination, and we hope you come with us on this journey in every capacity possible.

Read the full Annual Report 2020 here:

Join us and be part of ensuring this success!

We hope we get you interested in becoming part of our community of activists determined to build robust communities… We have made this our mission in pursuit of a sustainable world and future for all.

Your membership of 100 DKK per year enables us to reach this obligation.

Choosing a membership with Civil Connections ensures that you are part of:

  • A global network of passionate and determined global citizens that are committed to reaching the most marginalized and creating enabling environments for development.
  • You are working with a group of activists that have wide and varied experience within the development field and have through their careers been witnesses to what works, and the importance of open dialogue about this. You also because a central player in this dialogue.
  • We are committed to developing models that are easy to replicate and retailor to different contexts. This means that your support will create a wide and long-term impact – you are supporting something scalable and sustainable.
  • Our model is lean, saving you from supporting unnecessary overhead costs. We emphasize impact at the heart of your support thus working directly with recipient communities. This reduces the middleman effect and related expenses.
  • And more…

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Thank you and see you in 2021 and beyond.

Andrew Julius Bende

And the Civil Connections Board