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The project's key outputs

Our project has created several outputs in support of the mission to create value-based community development. CLICK the video to the right for highlights from our final conference. And here below is a list of the major output:

  • A ‘Tell-To-Act’ online course in True Storytelling and Protreptik – HERE
  • Two guides explaining the different concepts in the course above – one for True Storytelling & one for Protreptik
  • The manuals also carry all the necessary tools and exercises to support your progression

The products are free of access but you will need to create a free account.

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About the project:

We call our concept “TELL-TO-ACT” because its central ambition is through the use of stories and storytelling, it creates action and common understanding or narratives towards common understanding, that are grounded in a value-based approach. The concept consists of a toolbox of storytelling and dialogue methods that can be used to:

  1. Create clarity and motivation.
  2. Develop strategies together with those involved.
  3. Use for planning, facilitation, and evaluation of projects.
  4. Clarify buzzwords and shared values.
  5. And finally in the general communication internally and externally.

Why this project:

Given the above, it is a good investment to equip employees from NGOs and other forms of institutions to be able to use storytelling and the dialogue form Protreptic as a strategic tool in their work internally and externally. This specific project is therefore designed to facilitate the training of a team of trainers who can pass on “TELL-TO-ACT” in their own organization and to their partners. The trained “TELL-TO-ACT” trainers will master a number of concrete tools that they can use in practice, and which can complement other methods that they already use.

Implementing the project:

Process and contents of the project.

The toolbox and the related benefits above will be created – facilitated through a 3-modele training process running between August 2022 until December 2022. The three modules are here below shortly introduced.

  1. Module 1 – Planning, facilitating, and evaluation through ‘true storytelling’
  2. Module 2 – Storyboard development, 3D storytelling, and protreptic/value-based dialogue
  3. Modul 3 – Storytelling theatre – getting concrete with storytelling and protreptic combined.


All the materials above will be freely available and delivered in English.

Project concrete outputs:

The project aims to produce three learning products as follows.

  1. The “TELL-TO-ACT – storytelling and dialogue concept” documented in an easy-to-use catalog, along with manuals describing the 6 tools that make up the complete concept.
  2. Three 15 – 25-minute videos introducing the basic methods in the three teaching modules, with instructions, and reference to supplementary information and materials.
  3. A web catalog/course materials with all project materials, including the tools in (1) and videos in (2) as well as links to other possible teaching materials to support the further utilization and development of the method among our followers and wider public.

Highlights the training & peer days

Meet our partners

We are implementing the project in partnership with four (4) other NGOs as follows.

SDG World

Kompagnistræde 34, 4. og 5.sal. 1208 København K

+45 40220514 

100% for Børnene

Købmagergade 43, 1. sal
1150 København K



Klostermosevej 4A, 3070 Snekkersten Denmark

+45 22 43 53 7.

Project Funder

Rysensteensgade 3, København V, 1564, Denmark.


Project supporter

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